About Us


Marcos Minguela  was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. He has worked as a Production and Acrobatic Rigger for over 20 years.  Circus, arena, theater, outdoor, indoor, above ground or below, Marcos has helped productions achieve the highest quality of safety and visual amazingness known to human kind.  On occasion he has been known to put forth musical efforts disguised under the name the PEOPLE IN THE BACK, but mostly he paints dreamscape images that are produced with the help of his constantly expanding mind.  

His music  is eclectic, spiritual, socially conscious, and blends metal, reggae, latin, blues, and IPAs.  
His art mixes strong and contrasting colors, bold and striking forms.   Vivid, aggressive, sometimes sensual. 
Marcos began his artistic journey by mimicking the album covers of some of his favorite metal bands in pencil and ball point pen.  He fine tuned his skills by sketching Godzilla completely destroying Tokyo on the corner pages of his high school notebook.  Soon he realized Art was his greatest superpower so he made it one of three majors at SUNY Albany;  Art, Anthropology, and Ultimate Frisbee.
Marcos began his music journey in 1985 as the hard hitting yet off time drummer for the NYC based death metal band Arsenic. In 1998 in his Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment Marcos composed and recorded his first five song demo and distributed the tapes to 10 of his favorite peeps at Pearl Paint on Canal Street.  All of the songs were re-recorded in Las Vegas and released in 2008 on the album  PEOPLE IN THE BACK.
Instead of framing his own paintings and taking over the 1998 NYC Art scene like he planned, Marcos joined The Big Apple Circus looking for artistic inspiration.  20 years later he's realizing that painting is still his greatest superpower.  So Marcos, drawing on the artistic inspiration he has found throughout his endless travels, has put forth the effort you find on this site. 
You can find the PEOPLE IN THE BACK on Spotify and  iTunes.
Look for all of Marcos' artistic creations right here.